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Sri Lanka for adventurers: experience Sri Lanka differently

Sri Lanka is popular with adventurers. It is a country that boasts many places worth exploring. If you have an adventurer’s soul and you’re not into lying idly on the beach, we have outdoor activities that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Tree canopy tour in the rainforest

The zipline will be appreciated by all those who love nature and the feeling of total freedom. It is a rope bridge that allows adventurers to ride through the air on steel cables that are strung between tall trees. It is thus possible to admire the unimaginable beauty of Sri Lanka’s forests from a most unusual perspective, namely from the air.

The dense forests are intersected by crystal clear rivers. The forests are full of diverse plants and birds. As you drive, you will also enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. There is definitely a lot to see. Some zipline routes can reach heights of several dozen metres above the ground, which adds the right amount of adrenaline to the whole experience. This fun can be enjoyed in the forested area of Kitulgala located in the western part of Sri Lanka.

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Trekking in Horton Plains National Park

Those who love trekking should definitely not miss a visit to Horton Plains National Park in the central part of Sri Lanka. This place is considered to be one of the most amazing natural wonders that offers not only adventure but also breathtaking views. More challenging is the journey to Patne, a high rocky peak that offers a magnificent view of the vast plains and surrounding hills. Baker’s Falls, a waterfall that creates a refreshing atmosphere and provides an excellent place to relax, is not to be missed.

The rocky outlook at World’s End offers breathtaking views of the deep valley and surrounding mountains. Near World’s End is the Mini World’s End rock wall, which is smaller and also very picturesque.


Yala National Park Safari Tour

If you desire to observe wild animals in their natural habitat, the best place to go in Sri Lanka is Yala National Park, where the safari is located. You can expect to encounter wild elephants, leopards, crocodiles and various species of birds. As far as leopard sightings are concerned, these are

one of the best places in the world. The Sri Lankan leopard, then, is one of the largest and rarest felines in the world. It is in Safari that you can see them scampering across grassy plains or resting in the shade of trees.

The night safari is also an interesting spectacle, allowing you to experience wildlife hiding in the day (nocturnal beasts and birds) while hunting. Hop in a jeep and head out into the wilderness. It’s going to be a ride!

Zdroj: pixabay.com – RomanBader – Safari v Národním parku Yala

Diving off the coast of Pigeon Island

For those who have come to Sri Lanka primarily for water fun, we have diving as an adventure. Pigeon Island is located near Trincomalee, on the east coast of Sri Lanka and is a water paradise. The crystal clear waters are home to an amazing coral reef with colourful underwater life. Tropical fish, turtles, eels, stingrays and seahorses can be seen here.

It’s not impossible to spot a basking, migrating or silvertip shark. However, if you are interested in shark sightings, check with local dive centres and guides who have information on their movements.


Mountain Climbing in the Ella Mountains

Ella is a picturesque area with mountain peaks and green hills that are absolutely perfect for climbers. Little Adam’s Peak is then one of the most popular destinations in the Ella area for rock climbing. It’s not as challenging as Adam’s Peak, so it’s great for less experienced climbers. For those who want to really get their body in gear, there’s Ella Rock, a longer and more challenging trek. This entire trek can take several hours and requires better fitness.

Another great place and challenge is Ravana Rock. Along the way you will see the unique Ravana Falls and after climbing the mountain on a steep slope you will be rewarded with a view of a beautiful green valley.

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