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3+1 waterfalls of Sri Lanka worth seeing

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. It is rightly called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. People seek it out mainly because of its enchanting nature. One such gem that is definitely worth seeing are the waterfalls. We present to you 3 and 1 waterfall that are worth visiting.

1. Gartmore Falls

Gartmore Falls is the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Located approximately 80 km south of the city of Kandy and almost next to one of the biggest tourist attractions, namely Adam’s Peak. Compared to Adam’s Peak, however, fewer tourists flock here, so you can really enjoy their beauty. Both waterfalls spill into the Maskeliya Dam. Gartmore Falls is otherwise the collective name for Gartmore and Moray Falls, which is located just 500 meters west of Gartmore.

Gartmore Falls is divided into two parts. The lower part is a 30-meter high cliff, the upper part is then a natural pool in which you can take a dip and enjoy a wonderful moment in nature with an impressive view. These two parts are accessible from different locations. We recommend visiting the lower part of the falls first and then going to the upper part to enjoy a dip in the natural pool.

Gartmorský vodopád
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2. Bambarakanda Ella Waterfall

Bambarakanda Ella Waterfall is located in Kalupahana district, in the picturesque landscape of Horton Plains National Park. With its height reaching 263 metres, it is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The thrill of seeing the water rushing down the mountain cliff in the hilly landscape is guaranteed. We recommend visiting the waterfall between March and May when it is at its peak. Conversely, it is best to avoid visiting between November and February.

Apart from the impressive photographs of the scenery, Bambarakanda Ella Waterfall is a wonderful retreat for family picnics. Below the falls is anatural pond where you can enjoy swimming and lots of fun.


3. The widest Ravana Waterfall

Another Sri Lankan gem that will take your breath away with its beauty is the Ravana Waterfall. The mesmerizing cascade known as Ravana Ella is one of the most photographed waterfalls as it is located near the main road connecting the hills to the southern plains. Among other things, it holds its first place in terms of width. It also has an admirable height, namely 82 metres. Below the waterfall there is a small lake in which you can bathe. For the best conditions, we recommend visiting Ravan Waterfall in April, when temperatures hover around a pleasant 25 °C.

Ravana Ella Waterfall is located in a beautiful setting, surrounded by rainforest and grassland. In the rainy season, it resembles an Areca flower with drooping petals. The local flora includes orchids, ebony, silk and many medicinal plants used in Ayurveda. Beware of monkeys, who may try to steal your food.

Ravana falls
Zdroj: jonnymelon.com – Ravana vodopád

4. The most visited waterfall Diyaluma

In the interior of Sri Lanka, there is another waterfall that we recommend visiting during your stay in Sri Lanka. Diyaluma Waterfall is cascading in nature and reaches a height of approximately 220 meters. This makes it the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The natural pools at the top are particularly stunning, in which you can take a dip and from which you can observe the magnificent surrounding panorama. Already in the first part of the waterfall there are a number of pools in which you can swim or even jump from one pool to the pool below.

Some of the pools are even located on the very edge. You can also dive into them, but be careful not to get into any accidents. We recommend that you just take a look at the natural pools and continue to the safer ones. We definitely don’t recommend going to the waterfall in the dark or alone, as elephants roam the area.

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