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8 peaks of Sri Lanka that offer the most beautiful views

Sri Lanka boasts an enchanting landscape that includes not only the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, but also lush rainforests and spectacular mountain scenery providing spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. It is therefore a paradise on earth for nature lovers and adventurers. Here you can read about eight peaks you should climb.

1. Adam’s Hill

Adam’s Hill, one of the most sacred mountains in the country, is located in the central part of Sri Lanka. It reaches a height of 2,243 m above sea level and is the 5th highest peak in Sri Lanka. The climb to its summit is not only a physical challenge but also an experience of immense spiritual significance. At the top, you will find a footprint in the rock that is believed to be the footprint of Buddha on his journey to paradise. The view from the mountain is breathtaking, with the capital city of Colombo 65 km away on a clear day.

2. Ella Rock

The Ella region, located in the central part of Sri Lanka, is famous for its green hills, tea plantations and waterfalls. With an altitude of 1,041 metres, it is not one of the highest peaks, but the road to the top passes through tea plantations and varied scenery, making it well worth the journey. At the top, you will then have a spectacular view of the valley.

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3. Mount Pidurutalagala

Pidurutalagala with its height of 2,527 metres is the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It is located in central Sri Lanka in Nuwara Eliya, approximately 80 km from Colombo. The journey to the summit starts amongst tea plantations, then leads into the rainforest where you can see a variety of flowers, butterflies and birds. Small settlements and temples can also be seen on the climb, which will enrich you culturally. From the top you will then see the beauty of the national parks, waterfalls and vast plains.

4. Mini World’s End

Mini World’s End or also Mini World’s End is a spectacular place located in the Knuckles Mountain Range in central Sri Lanka near the city of Kandy. It is a cliff with a drop of 1,192 meters, from which you can enjoy a view of the magnificent scenery. In addition, visitors can also visit the magical lakes, mountain springs and view the wild flora at the site. All this is worth seeing.

Zdroj: google.com – Suneth Nirmal Witharana – vrch Mini World´s End

5. Mount Kirigalpotta

Kirigalpotta is the second highest mountain in Sri Lanka with its 2,395 m. It lies in the Horton Plains National Park, in the central part of Sri Lanka. It must be said that it is an unusual place. The road to the summit leads through deep forests, past rocky outcrops, vast lakes, cool rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. The climb is quite challenging and you can easily get lost, so we recommend paying for an experienced guide.

6thMount Thotupolakanda

Thotupolakanda boasts the title of Sri Lanka’s 3rd highest mountain. It measures 2,354 m. It is also located in the central part of Sri Lanka and the climb to its summit is not nearly as challenging as that of Kirigalpotta. The mountain trail leads through beautiful unspoilt countryside where you will see many tropical plants. There is no need to have a guide with you on this trek, the trail goes straight up. However, it is recommended to go in a group as the spotted leopard is wild in the area.

Zdroj: pixabay.com – google.com – hora Thotupolakanda

7. Namunukula Peak

Namunukula Peak is one of the lesser known and visited peaks. It can be found in the central part of Sri Lanka, near the town of Badulla, which is known for its beautiful landscape. It is 2,035 metres high, making Badulla a significant point from the top of which there are beautiful views of the surrounding and distant mountains and the valley. The trail to the summit passes through tea plantations, mountain meadows and forests, so you really have something to look forward to.


8thMount Cabaragala

Mount Cabaragala is a bit steeper. It lies in the central part of Sri Lanka, in the mountainous region between Kandy and Matale. Although Kabaragala reaches only 1,500 metres and is not one of the highest mountains in Sri Lanka, it offers scenic views of the surrounding countryside. In good weather, the views of the surrounding area are particularly impressive. The path to the summit passes through lush forest, around many waterfalls and mountain streams. You are guaranteed to enjoy the climb itself.

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