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Do you love tea? Visit one of Sri Lanka’s tea factories

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s leading destinations for tea cultivation and production. Visiting tea factories is a unique experience for those who enjoy the hot beverage, which includes not only learning about the production process but also tasting the teas. Which factory can you go to?

Mackwood Factory

Mackwoods Tea Factory is situated in a beautiful area on the route from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Located in the middle of tea plantations, you will have a unique opportunity to see tea pickers at work. Mackwoods tea plantations are famous for growing some of the most delicious Sri Lankan tea ever. Ceylon was even a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II.

What interesting things to expect during your visit

A local guide will give you an insight into how and what is harvested from the tea bush and why. You will see the tea production itself and be told how tea is processed, what types of tea there are and how black tea differs from green tea. A visit to the Mackwood factory is also recommended because it includes a restaurant and shop where you can buy tea from local plantations.

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Dambatenne factory

Also head to the Dambatenne factory in the mountain town of Haputale. Scottish businessman Sir Thomas Lipton started growing and producing tea here in 1890, and his teas are still famous around the world today. There are green plantations on the extensive peaks. The streets between the bushes are very pleasant to wander around on your own and fully enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

What interesting things to expect during your visit?

The Dambatenne factory will captivate you with its surroundings in addition to an impressive tour of how tea is processed. It is located near the viewpoint from which Sir Lipton liked to enjoy the view. He would indulge in tea from the local plantations. Today, a sculpture sitting on a bench in the shade of a gazebo looking out towards the plantations is erected at this spot, named Lipton’s seat in his honour. It is a kind of pilgrimage site for tea lovers.

Zdroj: google.com – Felix Neudel - Dambatenne

Kenilworth Estate Factory

Kenilworth Estate is another pearl in the tea industry. This factory is located near the city of Kandy and is well known for its traditional tea processing methods. So when you visit, you are in for a very authentic experience that enhances the overall uniqueness of the tea. Among other things, the gardens that surround the Kenilworth Estate factory are also very charming.

What interesting things await you when you visit

The tea making itself, which has been passed down from generation to generation, is a completely exclusive experience. You will learn a lot about the history of production, how the bushes are properly planted, what care they need, how the tea leaves are picked, loosened, sorted and dried. A very interesting spectacle is the brewing stage, a process that separates the leaves according to size and quality. This affects the aroma and taste of the tea itself.

Zdroj: google.com – Wasantha Weerasinghe – Kenilworth Estate

Bogawantalawa Factory

Bogawantalawa Tea Factory is located in the Dimbula region of Sri Lanka. This area is considered one of the main tea growing centres on the island. It is known for producing tea with rich flavour and aroma. Plantations in this area are often spread out on the high slopes of the surrounding hills, creating the best conditions for growing quality tea leaves. In addition, it offers its visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

What interesting things to expect during your visit

The first thing you should know is that the Bogawantalawa Tea Factory is a world leader when it comes to sustainability. The company cares about the environment, and that’s why they treat it with the utmost respect. Aside from the beautiful views in this landscape and watching the tea making process from picking the leaves to its processing, you can also indulge in tastings of this delicious beverage.

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