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TOP 5 best beaches for surfing lovers

If you are a lover of active recreation and if you like surfing, Sri Lanka is a surfers paradise. It offers countless spots with idyllic beaches that invite you to enjoy yourself in the waves of the Indian Ocean. We present to you the top 5 beaches you can’t go wrong with visiting.

1. Arugam Bay – Surfer’s Paradise in the East

Just off the quiet town of Puttivil on Sri Lanka’s east coast in the Ampara district, Arugam Bay hides behind palm groves with orangey-white sand. Arugam Bay beach is one of the most famous and popular surfing destinations in the country. The beach offers several surf spots, the most notable being Main Point, where the waves break, making it an ideal spot for surfers of all levels. For the more experienced, there’s Pottuvil Point, where they can ride exceptionally big waves.

The peak season runs from May to October, and then in July the International Surfing Contests are held on this beach, which are well worth seeing.

2. Hikkaduwa – Surfing and Life Underwater

Hikkaduwa Beach is located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Originally a fishing village, today Hikkaduwa is a small town offering its visitors a wide range of water sports, the most popular of which is surfing, for which it is widely visited. It also boasts a rich underwater life with coral reefs Therefore, we recommend snorkelling or diving here. It is completely suitable for beginners, as the waves at Hikkaduwa beach are consistent, making it great for surfers to hone their skills.

The best surfing conditions here are from November to March. The best time for diving is from November to April.

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3. Mirissa – surfing and relaxation in one

Mirissa is one of the spots that are especially suitable for beginners, but experienced surfers will also find it to their liking. It offers great surfing conditions. The waves break close to the shore, so you can swim and indulge in water fun, including snorkelling, in Mirissa. Those who enjoy the nightlife will also be in for a treat. There are several bars in Mirissa, as well as restaurants and shops.

Another interesting experience is blue whale and dolphin watching, which can be seen from November to April. Among other things, Mirissa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.


4. Weligama – surfing for beginners

Weligama beach is especially popular with beginners. Hidden on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, it is known as the Sand Village and is washed by calm waters. The waves break further offshore, making it ideal conditions for those just learning to surf. In addition, local surf schools offer lessons and rent equipment. The bottom of Weligami slowly slopes downwards, creating absolutely perfect conditions for snorkelling. The fishermen sitting on wooden stakes hammered into the seabed, patiently waiting for their catch, make for a captivating spectacle.

In the winter season from November to April, Weligama has the best surfing conditions, but the waves are bigger. This makes it suitable for more experienced surfers, whereas in the summer season, from May to October, the waves are smaller.

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5. Unawatuna – surfing in breathtaking nature

The turquoise waters of Unawatuna beach, surrounded by white sand and palm trees, are literally a paradise for lovers of beautiful nature. The area is highly recommended for snorkelling and also diving. It is possible to spot, for example, the wreck of the cargo ship Lord Nelson. You can also try water sports or take a diving course. Surfers will also find something to do here. The waves at Unawatuna Beach are not too big, so both beginners and more experienced surfers can enjoy surfing.

The best time to surf is August to November, when the southwest monsoon usually produces stronger waves. Even so, you can still experience beautiful days in Sri Lanka during this period.

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