Snorkelling and diving

Discover the breathtaking underwater world of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise for lovers of marine life. The rich biodiversity and crystal clear waters offer a unique experience for all who wish to discover underwater treasures. Our resort offers snorkelling and diving trips with an instructor to take you to some of the most beautiful sites around.


Snorkelling is an ideal activity for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. During our trips you have the opportunity to explore coral reefs full of colourful fish, turtles and other sea creatures. All trips are led by experienced instructors who will provide you with all the necessary equipment and safety instructions.

  • Activity Description: The trip includes a boat ride to selected snorkeling sites where you will spend several hours exploring the underwater life. Our instructors will be available throughout.
  • What to bring: Swimwear, sunscreen, hat, towel.


For those who want to explore Sri Lanka in depth, we offer diving trips with certified instructors. Scuba diving allows you to get up close and personal with coral reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks that are home to many species of marine life.

  • Activity Description: Scuba diving trips include instruction, rental of scuba equipment and instructor supervised diving. We offer trips for beginners and advanced divers.
  • What to bring: Swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, towel, diving license (for advanced).

Safety and comfort

Your safety and comfort are our priority. Our instructors are qualified and have extensive experience in leading snorkeling and diving trips. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

For more information and reservations, please contact us at the resort reception. We look forward to welcoming you and exploring the underwater beauty of Sri Lanka together!

More activities

From the comfort of our resort, where you can enjoy the hospitable atmosphere, just relax on the beach and enjoy the gastronomic experience in our restaurant, we will offer you a wide range of opportunities for active relaxation in the surrounding area and trips to explore the beauty of Sl. You can fully enjoy hiking in the picturesque countryside, water activities in the endless ocean, adventurous trips to discover the rich flora and fauna in national parks or following the traces of cultural monuments.
Sleeping Elephant Beach Resort is the ideal place for those who want to experience the best that Sri Lanka has to offer. Come and discover the beauty and diversity of Sri Lanka with us. We look forward to your visit!

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